Is New York worth the strain?

Over the last two days I started weighing in seriously on this whole New York thing.  Susing out what it would take to stay year and is it worth it.  It is fun poeming here, but it also is getting cold.  I really don’t know anybody here; no allies anyway.  We will see how easy it is to get a place to stay for a little bit, and see just how much money I can make here.  If I don’t make at least 450 this weekend, I think I would have to split.  I have allies in Austin, New orleans has tours.  There are other options.  So as long as I make enough to bury my Mom, then I’m good.  If I make more, then I might stay.  It has to be worth the money.  So we will see how much I make this weekend.

Tomorrow I start the day at Strawberry Fields in Central Park.  It is a memorial to John Lennon.  


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